Black Being

blackbeingpreliminarypromo_wideBlack Being is Flutronix’s newest body of work that explores the African-American experience, through themes of fear, sacrifice, beauty, survival and strength. The group aims to create an immersive evening-length performance that provides a lens into black cultural realities and human conditions. The program will feature new works by Flutronix that incorporate the writings of notable female activists and scholars such as Angela Davis, Lani Guinier and Patricia J. Williams; the works of signature male figures including James Baldwin, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X; and recorded testimony of present day African-American citizens. This project will be developed through the 2016-17 season, performed by Flutronix and expanded ensembles, and will premiere in 2017-18 in Brooklyn, NY.

Flutronix has a deep relationship with central Brooklyn, having been long-time residents of the community, and is committed to bringing arts programming that promotes positive African-American imagery and history to its cultural centers. Black Being is an initiative designed to promote African-American legacy and art, social justice, and to build an audience that is inclusive of central Brooklyn’s historic demographic.